We Need To Provoke Thought

We will publish our manifesto on this page once it is finished. Due to the nature of the complexity of the offering, our manifesto will not necessarily be understood by all, so we aim to write it at such a level as to include as many people as possible without detracting from the complex nature of global politics. Because it’s not just about the UK.

The over-simplification of matters such as the war in the Middle East has left the intelligent and thinking voter nonplussed by the political rhetoric of the ruling elite, as if the government is talking about a policy or activity that is beyond their understanding.

A decision that would see the UK thrust into war with another country is a decision the whole country should be involved in, not just a few people who are unduly influenced by bigger relationships than they are capable of controlling. For example: do we know the level to which the current government is associated with the Saudi royal family, and how this relationship impacts policies on war, oil and foreign & domestic issues?

This is the kind of transparency-issue that we, as a non-political party would leave open to the British public, as we trust you to be cognitively complex enough to determine for yourselves how and why this relationship exists, and is also why we will never be in power.