Our Values

This is an interesting subject as it has been mentioned by some that the Non-Partisan Party has no values. They must have missed the fact that having no partisan alignment IS a value in itself, and a very important one.

However, we feel it is necessary to outline a number of traditional value statements if not to simply satisfy those not able to see the above. With that in mind, please let us know your thinking behind the limitation of values, their transient nature and how their impermanence impacts their reasoning on a political agenda espoused by a non-partisan approach.

To extend our approach of disrupting the political status quo, it is necessary to look at the science behind values and motivation. For this, we can choose any number of frameworks, but for simplicity, we have chosen the Barrett Model and adapted it to suit our needs.

The Barrett Model is rooted in understanding authentic motivations – the values that matter to and motivate us. Which is why building the optimal political culture (rather than partisan voice) begins with understanding the values that inspire it. These values – conscious or unconscious – motivate every decision made or action taken.

Focusing on our scientific values allows us to perceive and interpret the underpinnings of our political behaviour. As a result, we are able to craft a clear and precise picture of the NPP’s present and future dynamics, without preconceptions – so that political action plans are based on accurate insights and science, and tuned to the voting public’s particular concerns.

In fact, values are so fundamental to our political dynamics, they are actually a lead indicator of potential trouble areas. The seeds of issues can be identified long before they express themselves in our culture, which gives us as a Non-Partisan Party an excellent advantage in addressing them.

As you read this, you might have already established in your thinking that it is not the value per se, that is important here, but the capacity of the individual (or party) to be aware that they have a particular value, and to recognise that it might be true today, but tomorrow it might not. How aware one is of one’s intention in the moment is key, so from a political party perspective, it is even more important to us that we remove any particular bias and only offer ideas and solutions based on pragmatic, objective perspectives.

If we look at work by Dr DeMartini on values, or Dr Stevens on levels of complexity and values, we will see there are higher level values based on one’s capacity to see the complexity in the context. This is one of the drivers we bring with us at the NPP, which might translate to a value, albeit it a temporary reflection of the immediate environment. Here is a short list of higher-order values according to the research:

  • Openness to Change
  • Self-Enhancement – political and governmental
  • Conservation – of ideas and environment
  • Self-Transcendence – in all areas of political life

And the following table is how we differentiate from the existing political parties in our government. They might espouse these in their manifesto, but how many can you say have actually lived up to their integrity promises?

A Typical ValueFacets
ImpartialityFairness, objectivity
Public serviceRespect, selflessness
TransparencyHonesty, openness
Deliver, support and inspireLeadership
Take ownershipAccountability

However, for us, values are those things that demand action, not simply espousing a belief in their existence and then ignoring them for the duration of one’s tenure.

With this in mind, we would welcome all-comers pointing out our hypocrisy so that we can address it directly in the moment in order to make us a better non-political party.

For fun, please see the link below and feel free to take the test.


My results (I am Dr Stevens, chief collaborator here at TNPP) are the following: social democracy. That is not to say that you must follow the same lines, nor that the non-political party of which I am a member follows those lines, as we need as much cognitive diversity as possible.


Feel free to read up about their system here.