Our Policies

Our Policies are Your Policies

This is how we believe a policy should work: a policy should have the best interests of the people at heart. It should benefit the people, not the policy makers.

Our policies are written for the benefit of everyone in the UK. They do not pander to the individual needs of the few. They represent the best in thinking right now from all of human endeavour, and as such, will benefit the majority of the population of the United Kingdom.

This does not mean they will be the populist policies of the current government, nor the populist reactions of the opposition, if you can really call them that.

It does mean that not all of the population will be comfortable with all of our policies. But the point of the Non Partisan Party is that we make policies for the benefit of all, but not all of the time.

When it comes to making policy that benefits the UK, sometimes the needs of the individual will need to be overlooked in order to consider the greater good.

First, we need to consider what the “United Kingdom” means. Does it include the our Scottish cousins? Sometimes. Does it mean our brothers in Northern Ireland? Yes, but not the religious fanatics. They do not have the benefits of the population in their hearts. They only serve themselves. That is not in keeping with the philosophy of the Non-Partisan Party.

What Does “Best” Mean?

We also need to determine who decides what “best” means, when we say “what’s best for the country”.

This is done by consensus, as per the beehive analogy on the main page. The beehive survives because the hive does not focus on the individual bee, but on the population as a whole. A wholistic approach to policy is how the NPP works. We need to work out what the policy is benefiting when it is in place, what we, as Members of Parliament are not seeing when the policy is in place, what happens when we put the policy needs with the policy blind spots, and what then emerges as they are combined.

The people responsible for the decisions are you. The voters. You vote for the policy that best suits your needs, and the psychology of crowds suggests the best policy will be picked each time. Strength in numbers and GroupThinking!
The decision on which policy options are put forward is made by specialists in the specific field of endeavour. For example, if the policy is about education, then the latest ideas from the field of child psychology, child development and educational psychology come to the fore and are put to the Education Minister for approval.

If the issues are related to the National Health Service, the whole system will be considered, not just facets of previous policies over individual sections of the service. We recognise that the NHS is a system with in a system within a system, and these systems relate to each other in specific ways. They are separate and inseparable.
Where the current, and previous governments have failed the NHS was to assume that money will solve all their problems. To throw more money at the NHS was the default setting of all governments to date. This is very limited thinking. It limited the output of the NHS to the extent that management considered money to be the answer and if they didn’t get money, they had to fire staff members.

What they should have done was to think above their problems, not around them. Consider the system used in Belgium right now for care of the elderly. Please go to the relevant page in the menu for more information on this.

Finally, the more information from reliable and credible scientific sources involving all aspects of the social sciences, creativity, psychology and so on that we can pull together to form robust and decent policies for the greater good, the better our party will become. Join us now and help out the United Kingdom for the greater good!